Honoring the goddess within ourselves and in each other...

  • Tantra for Every woman

    Whether you love women, simply feel safer exploring with them or want to connect deeper with your own goddess nature through the mirror of your sisters, this is the perfect place for you...

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    Polarity-Intensives: Tantra groups for lovers of women, female couples and explorers

    Creating ecstasy, passion, desire and balance through playing with both your inner masculine and feminine aspects in relationship.

    Our Polarity Intensives are perfect if you are in a new or established relationship and want to get it right from the start or reach for even more happiness by learning to consciously increase excitement, passion, love, polarity and connection.


    The Polarity Intensives are also perfect if you are in a relationship where things are stagnant (especially if you are experiencing the infamous lesbian bed death) or where you are in crisis after a break of trust or disappointment and need a fresh approach, new skills and effective tools to transform from where you are to where you want to be.


    Polarity Intensives are also perfect if you are simply curious to explore yourself sensually with other women and/or playfully experiment with both your inner feminine and masculine aspects in relationship with women, balancing giving and receiving effortlessly and joyfully.


    Module 1 of our next Polarity Intensive series will run in Brighton,UK from Thursday, October 19th until Sunday, October 22nd 2017. Please drop us an email or sign up to our newsletter for more information.


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    Goddess within Tantra retreats: Deepening into your divine feminine for ecstatic wholeness.

    Explore, integrate, learn to access and express your Maiden, Lover, Mother/Creatress and Wise woman archetypes in life and relationships.

    "I am every woman" is a true statement for each of us. Within each goddess are contained infinite facets of her feminine nature. Learning to bring the richness of theses different aspects to your self, life and relationships blasts open new possibilities of fulfillment.


    Most of us have one or two archetypes strongly developed and avoid expressing others. Much energy lies dormant in the unexplored aspects of your divine feminine self.


    In our Goddess within Tantra retreat series we explore and befriend each archetype, celebrating its unique contribution to creating a magical life and learning to use them consciously, safely and constructively.


    Be prepared to be amazed by the vastness of you!!!

    This series of potent transformative workshops is wonderful for all women, whether straight, lesbian, bisexual, curious, single or in relationship.


    Our next Goddess within Tantra retreat series starts in October 2017 in Lesbos, Greece. For more information please email us or sign up for our newsletter.

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    A safe space to heal, grow and explore your sensuality and femininity with other women.

    Support, guidance and space to find yourself as a woman of power, beauty and passion


    Any journey of healing is about gaining greater wholeness. Embracing and learning to love who we are is one of the purposes of engaging with our own gender, whether we are straight, bisexual or gay.


    If you are a little shy or reluctant, then our Goddess within Tantra retreats are perfect for you as the focus is very much on self. The energy of these groups is gentler as we do not play with opposite polarity. Your next opportunity to begin this journey will be in Lesbos in October 2017.


    If you are more curious about exploring and creating passion with other women and want to play with both the masculine and feminine polarities within, then our Polarity Intensives will be right up your street. There you will gain the tools, knowledge and confidence to give yourself and your relationships with women what they need to thrive without having to sacrifice your own needs or drain yourself. Your next opportunity to begin this journey will be in Brighton, UK with Module 1 running between Thursday, Oct 19th and Sunday, October 22nd 2017.

  • Deeply intimate connection

    The feminine heart hungers more for deep, authentic connection and intimacy in full presence than for anything else. Being seen, met, accepted, loved and showered with the right kind of attention and adoration are core needs of every woman that need to be met for her to access her goddess nature.


    Creating intimacy, entering presence, holding sacred space for self and others, appreciating tenderly and expressing authentically are all skills few of us were ever lucky enough to be taught constructively. Relationships are one of the main contributors to our overall happiness and wellbeing and yet we navigate this important area mainly through trial and error.


    Tantra offers an ancient body of knowledge about beautiful, authentic and deep relating. Through bringing conscious awareness to our thoughts, emotions, sexuality, relationships and experiences, we transform the mundane into the sacred.


    Everything, even our lovemaking, our arguments and our whispers of adoration become a meditation when touched by the kiss of consciousness.

    Flowering into wholeness

    Our programs for women are all about discovering, embracing and integrating the many vast facets of your being. In our Polarity Intensives, we explore both your inner masculine and feminine aspects and all other polarities and contradictions which create the richness that is you in relationship.


    In our Goddess within Tantra retreats, we explore the different archetypal faces of the feminine, nurturing wholeness through giving space to each one.


    Whether Innocent maiden, who discovers herself and experiences each moment of life as a fresh, alive gift.


    Passionate lover, who knows her own desires and courageously explores and shares them with her chosen beloved, in magnificient receptive radiance.


    Generous mother and creatress who can birth her dreams and intentions into full and joyful manifestation and nurture them into their fullness .


    Incredible Wise woman who holds the knowledge of the universe in her mature womb space, initiating transformation as she stirs her magical cauldron.


    We are and need all of these aspects of the feminine. Lets feed and embrace every single part of the gloriousness of our feminine nature. The world needs us to shine, to be whole, to be happy in who we are.

    So lets get shining!!!

    Expanded Pleasure and passionate exploration

    Pleasure is not only the birthright of every woman, it is food for her soul, body, heart, mind and being. It is only through befriending pleasure that a woman can feel truly happy and content and radiate her breathtaking beauty, inspiration and joy out into the world effortlessly. It is the secret to being your most fabulous goddess self, every single day without self sacrifice.


    Pleasure needs a feeling, alive and open body and heart to thrive. Learning to let go of and transform that which no longer serves us into something that does is a key for a joyful tantric life and relationship. We use the tools of Dance, Massage, Meditation, Breath, Ritual, Sharing, Process and Partner work to open the body and heart to more of what we desire.


    Passion and intensity is the result of polarity. Sameness brings comfort but lacks spark. Exploring our inner polarities consciously (masculine/ feminine, yin/yang, leading/following, giving/receiving) brings a great deal of excitement and aliveness to our relationships as well as a greater level of balance and wholeness to ourselves.


    Learning about our own bodies, our needs, our desires and the many facets of our being as well as how to feed and integrate each one brings about wholeness, contentment and a new potential for ecstasy.


    Get ready for the journey of a lifetime!!!

    The reward: YOU! Truly, fully and blissfully you , equipped with all the tools, knowledge and ability to create and receive the kind of relationship you've always dreamed of. Get ready to flower into being bliss.

    Authentic expression rooted in self love

    True intimacy means allowing another to see who you truly are. It means taking the risk to show ourselves, all the glorious light and the ecstatic shadow of our being, offering ourselves on the altar of sacred relating.


    Authenticity is a prerequisite for this deep meeting, because before we can meet another, we first need to meet , embrace and love ourselves. Our shadow (the parts of us which we have suppressed or disowned due to conditioning, society's views or our own fears of being fully in our power) holds an incredible bounty of beauty, aliveness, juice and passion.


    Wholeness can only be reached when nothing is rejected and everything has a place, be it the wild, the innocent, the wise, the ferocious, the insatiable ...


    Tantra is a path of non duality. Nothing is rejected, everything holds value. Through meeting any aspect of ourselves lovingly , consciously, in the safe container of meditation, we can transform rather than suppress, truly mastering the alchemical process of turning poison into nectar.


    When we can look at our own reflection and see the divine through our own loving eyes, we will never be afraid again that we are lacking. From this place of self acceptance we can then share our needs, desires, hopes and dreams with our beloveds and explore curiously and courageously the amazing possibilities of self, life and others.

  • About us

    The two goddesses supporting your journey:

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    Padma Deva Rasamayi

    International Sex and Relationship expert, Tantrika, Psychotherapist and Guide

    Padma Deva is an internationally renouned expert on tantra, sexual healing, ecstatic relationships and deep intimacy.


    As the creatress of tantric surrogate therapy Padma has helped many men, women and couples to overcome sexual functioning issues, restore intimate connection, rediscover passion and pleasure, build confidence and skill and unleash the god or goddess lover within.


    Her passion is to teach women and men how to create amazing, fulfilling relationships with themselves and others that actually work through aligning with greater authenticity, pleasure and aliveness.


    In her own relationships with women, Padma discovered effortless intimacy of the heart as well as the need to consciously create polarity to maintain excitement and passion. Both tantra and conscious power dynamics offer this polarity, yet little is offered in these areas for conscious women.


    This gap led Padma to create the "Goddess within retreats" and "Polarity Intensive" workshops for women, which are the culmination of Padma's over 10 years of personal tantric practice, professional sacred sexual healing work and a deep grounding in global goddess traditions and personal development work.


    Her own journey continues to explore and deepen relational aliveness in many forms with both men and women.


    For Padma's tantric healing work with men, women and couples see www.padmadeva.com


    She also runs workshops for men wishing to understand, meet and satisfy women more fully. See www.ultimatelovertraining.com for more information and dates.

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    Ra'Kaia Lakshmi

    Tantrika, Dakini, Shamanka, Coach, Teacher, Bodyworker, Dreamer and Yogi

    Ra'kaia Lakshmi is a Tantrika, Dakini, Intuitive, Explorer, Dreamer, Yogi and Dancer.

    Finding form within the Formless, Ra'kaia Lakshmi dances to the beat of her own drum. She follows her inner wisdom in integrating many strands of knowledge to assist people in reclaiming their natural birthright to pleasure and abundance.

    Her ongoing love affair with India has ignited her passion for and further developed her skills in Tantra, Dakini Arts and Bodywork. With over 10 years experience in the Taoist arts and Kundalini Yoga, she shares her culmination of knowledge and wisdom as a Tantra Teacher and Personal Coach.

    For Ra'Kaia, it is all about unveiling that which we already know and haven't yet allowed ourselves access to. She holds a sacred space of love and compassion for all those Truth Seekers on the authentic path of greater fulfillment and true bliss. Desire is one of the strongest tools we have and Ra'Kaia Lakshmi is an embodied example of how to manifest from this place.

    For Ra'Kaia there are infinite ways to relate with one another, inside and outside of the societal norms. She sees herself as a Lover to the world, as an omnisexual being. For her, love, passion, desire and fulfillment are all contained within! It is only when that is realized fully that one can then offer themselves to another completely.

    Through being in relationships with women, Ra'Kaia Lakshmi has learned a great deal about polarity and the importance of the marriage with her own inner masculine and inner feminine.

    Regardless of the path a woman is on, Ra'Kaia Lakshmi bows to the Goddess inside all women. Assisting other women with self-empowerment and unlocking the potential for pleasure and abundance is one of her greatest passions!


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